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Monday, August 15, 2011

going green . . .

First day of Sophomore year for the Boy.
This morning he had a flash of euphoria - "its all about me",
the first time in his school career where he doesn't
have to listen to the increments of time being announced up to his sister to 'hurry up',
the first time where he will be catching the bus alone
(except on those extremely rare occasions when the Girl was sick - maybe 2 of them in 4 years),
the first time when the daily focus is on him, and only on him.
(he doesn't have to know that while she won't be physically present, I'll still be thinking about her well being on a daily basis)

but I'm sure that euphoria will subside once he realizes he left without his cell phone.
I hadn't even noticed until my husband came down stairs and commented
"oh, I see he left the phone home today",
we both grinned and agreed -
this is going to be a good year for the Boy
and its probably better he left the phone home on the first day (even if mistakenly) -
it substantially reduces his chances of getting in trouble over its usage.

So in the spirit of new -
I took some pictures of produce - green produce.
The color of the month challenge is green and I figured these would do nicely.

the pears need a little ripening,
in the mean time there's nothing like fried green tomatoes to wrap up the end of Summer.


  1. I love that tomato shot for some reason. I'm not really sure why...the way the stem is pointed maybe.

    I hope that all these life changes transition smoothly for you and yours. Heading off to college is tough on everyone.

  2. Oh, I love the pear shot! What a nice combination of colors with the cutting board! It's going to be an interesting year for your son. Prepare yourself for the unexpected . . . He may surprise you not by filling in the gaps, but by becoming more himself . . . are you ready for that? Is there a more exciting adventure than parenting? I don't think so . . .

  3. Wonderful compositions. . . and of course, GREEN, in these shots! And I always adore your writing! Your comments on my blog also had me laughing. . . can't wait to share it with Doug! Has your daughter left for school yet? Your son may be surprised by how much he misses his sister this year.