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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Family & Friends . . .

I am starting to feel human again after too short a visit, and too long of travel for my daughter's first Family & Friends Weekend at college. It was wonderful to see her, absolutely wonderful. And even if there were moments of angst over room re-do/adjustments and scheduling, it was just so great to see her and hug her. She is a huger.

The weather, on the other hand, was not so wonderful. Oppressive humidity with a side of perpetually gray skies, finished with a lovely mixture of rain showers. There is a rumor that it is cooler up North and warmer in the South. Lies I tell ya, bold.face.lies! When the Weather Channel said the temperatures would be around 71 degrees, I packed what I thought would be comfortable clothes. Wrong.o! I sweated like a pig going to market, like a dog heading to the vet, like a politician taking a lie-detector test. Ugh!

But not to worry, there were pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. Because visits had to be situated around the Girl's class and work schedules, the remainder of our time was spent walking the campus and taking pictures as well as observing various activities related to either 'life on campus' or 'weekend events' - I wasn't always sure which was which. There were oodles of people and dogs (didn't get any pictures of the dogs and there were some beauties). We were informed that the local community uses portions of the campus as a park so it is not uncommon for it to be very active on the weekends. Interesting, they didn't mention that in the 'come hither to college' brochure under the 'safe and secluded' section.

In any event - I was so glad to see my daughter, meet her friends, and become more familiar with her new surroundings.


  1. So, do tell, Nicki . . . how much did you sweat? LOL! I'm glad you got to hug your daughter! There's no feeling that come even close to hugging your kids. And pretty good pictures, too!

  2. Glad you got to spend a few days with your daughter - and get some good hugs at the same time!! That is one beautiful campus!! Love the images you captured!

  3. Oh that must have been a wonderful trip! So glad you had that opportunity to hang out with your daughter in her new surroundings. Looks like a fabulous place!