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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

time is of the essence . . .

Sunday late afternoon was supposed to involve taking pictures, and not just because I wanted to, but because the Boy needed to for his class. He had in mind some portraits of his BFF from down the street, but sweet as she may be, timeliness is not her strength. The sky went from beautiful to ugly (as in, could rain any minute), back to beautiful. And still no-show from his BFF. So we ventured out for some pictures of flowers, leaves, over-sized mushrooms, and a praying mantas. Still no BFF. We had no more than got back to the house, started to upload the pictures to see what he could use when he got an IM from her. She still wanted to do pictures, is ready, and can we please still do them. PLEASE! But we're losing light. PLEASE! So we book it down the street and as you can guess, BFF is in fact not only NOT ready, but in the middle of dinner (something I had yet to get to). But she definitely wanted her pictures taken. And the sky went from gorgeous to dull to even duller. The "golden" hour or two before sunset was sifting through my hands like sand, and my constant reminder that light is critical to getting good pictures was falling on deaf ears - they both looked at me with puppy-dog eyes. PAALEASE! And how do you say no to that.

So here are some pictures - not the best, could have been better with better lighting. But we did find some new locations, and the Boy did manage to get some shots for use in his photography class.

Also, the Boy was in charge of posing the model as well as taking pictures. Once he gets the concept of lighting down, I am optimistic of his abilities to be a very good photographer.


  1. Too bad about the light - but it sure doesn't show in your photos!! Beautiful girl, beautiful shots and great location!

  2. She's a beautiful young lady. The photos are wonderful!

  3. You are such a softy!!! If you lived close by, I'd just go to you and say; Nicki, paleeze, paleeze, paleeze, take pictures for me! And I know you'd do it. I might need to bribe you with muffins or something . . . piece of cake . . . so to speak . . .

  4. Wow! Beautiful girl and amazing photos.

  5. Love the composition of these and the sort of 70's vibe. They're lovely, but I can see they'd be even better if you'd had a bit more light. I'd say he's catching on, once he gets a few shots with fantastic lighting, he'll probably have that Aha! moment. Can't wait to see more of his progress.