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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

its science . . .

in all its glory!

there is a saying

"never judge a book by its cover!"

truer words were never more applicable than when describing the Science Building at Wellesley College.

while there is a quirky juxtapose of contemporary architectural amid the traditional on campus -
the Science Building is in a word:


until you step inside.
where the former exterior was maintained
and the new was simply 'added to' and 'expanded upon' the existing structure.

once inside you are greeted with vast openness
and an abundance of light.

During our visit I did not venture too deep into the building
but did enjoy the display of fowl.

where even the chicken is presented with an air of sophistication.

Reminded me of my college days when I worked at a department store
where we were strongly encouraged to get customers to sign up for the store's credit card.
Working in the boy's department, many of my customers responded that they were 'just a housewife' - to which I corrected them and pointed out their value. For several years, the credit card applications coming from that department identified the applicant as a "domestic engineer".

I can visualize the rolled eyes in the credit department:
"another application from the boy's department again! {sigh!}"


  1. That is so funny! Good for you for doing your part in according women the respect that is owed to them for the contributions they make! So often, we are still taken for granted!

    The Science Building has that look about it that says "Students Hang Around Here!" It reminded me of my son's school. The chickens made me smile!

  2. That is some great lighting and architecture. Very open building.

  3. What a great building!! Would love to study there!!