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Friday, November 11, 2011

done up and runnoft . . .

our cats are strictly "indoor" cats with garage privileges. Generally this works out well - they keep up on their stalking and hunting skills by keeping the garage devoid of bugs and field mice, all the while remaining close at home.

Mary Jo (now wider than she is tall - I don't judge!) used to make escapes out the door resulting in many man hunts. Now she barely shows any interest. Too far to hike, unpredictable weather conditions, and no guarantee of food-at-the-ready. All very important things to her.

Unlike her compadres, Binx has never shown any interest in the outdoors; she barely makes her presence known to the downstairs (too much psychoanalysis needed to explain this).

And then there is Ike, the kitty terrorist. He is intrigued by the outdoors, gets excited at the sight of the neighbor's cats when they meander by the windows, and thinks it would be fun.
He has told me this- he's told all of us. He is a talker.

where am I going with this - well, as you can probably guess: He up and R.U.N.N.O.F.T.
The Boy has twice now come in without closing the garage door and the cat has twice now made a run for it when let out into the garage without the confirmation that the door was down. The first time he hunkered down in the corner in fear. This time - we're not sure. Flashlights, canvasing the neighborhood, 'here kitty kitty kitty' (which he doesn't understand, his name isn't kitty and I'm not sure he thinks he is one).
Devastation. Desperation. Infuriating.

but thankfully, he also knows how to runnback.

Needless to say, his garage privileges have been temporarily revoked!
(and if the Boy fails to close the door again, his might be revoked too.)


  1. Oh, what a little scamp! But he's so can you get mad at him? (The cat or the Boy...ha ha). :)
    Love those shots. Your kitty is beautiful.

  2. Great story Nicki! Don't cats just have the best personalities? I like Ike's attitude;)

  3. I'm glad he's back. If you ever manage to train said boy to close door, please let us know how you did it!!

  4. Love your description of your cats! They have so much personality!! My cat is scared of her shadow - she never goes far! And lovely shots of your cute cats!

  5. Oh dear, I hope Ike-the-Terrorist makes it back home! Your descriptions of the cats' personalities are so vivid I feel like I know them.

  6. Oh! I'm glad he came back! My cats would LOVE garage privileges, but the garage isn't attached, so I don't know how we'd do it.