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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

learn something new every time . . .

This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to practice my 'people' photograph on a friend (from 2Peas) and her husband. In the process I learned that posing adults is significantly different than teenagers; you need to factor in time change to estimate brightness, and it helps to have alternative plans to account for unrelenting wind. In addition, I reaffirmed that finding "open shade" can be more elusive than you'd think, especially when accounting for height.

Oh, and it helps to pay attention when batch processing (found I had double sharpened, so yea, that would be a little re-doing on my part). But I enjoyed it. Her husband was far more patient than husbands are given credit for, and the Boy (who helped with a reflector that buckled at every swoosh of wind) was a great asset to have in the process.


  1. I'm sure you did great ! I'd love to see the people shots you took! Is that location in today's post where you did them? That's a beautiful place.

  2. This is the location where I took the pictures - but I'll need to get an okay from the participating subjects before (or if) I post any pictures. I got some I'm happy with - but I have to say, it wasn't without challenge (on my end, they were wonderful).

  3. Wait!!!! You can't fool me!!!! That's not a patient husband! That's a chair!

    No but seriously, I hope they don't mind you posting! :-)

  4. Love love this shot! It looks like such a wonderful location---and the covered bridge is sooo cool.

  5. Would love to see your "people" shots if you have permission!! Looks like a beautiful location!