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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

blinkdy, blink, blink . . .


After being up a week, one string of lights on our tree, (and only ONE string of lights), decided to start blinking. I didn't especially want blinking lights, but giving up any hope of ever finding the actual culprit, I gave in and tried to add a blinker bulb to other strands on the tree. Now we have one area of the tree that is blinking like Morris code on crack, and another that blinks maybe once every 20 minutes. Perhaps in a weeks time the tree will look like it was intended to blink and not like some malcontent tree.
That, or I'm going to have to add a little 'some'n-some'n' to my eggnog
- and then I won't even notice.


  1. I think lights are evil sometimes. They get a tangled and they work and dont work. I hope you enjoy your blinking lights.

  2. Morse code on crack! lol! Too funny!
    I like your image of the lights...looks like a Christmas card.

  3. LOL!!! Too funny!! Hope your lights get to blink in unison!!

  4. Ba ha ha!! Careful with that eggnog ;) LOL