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Thursday, December 8, 2011

home stretch . . .

almost to the weekend,
and one week until the Girl comes home for Winter Break,
and closing in on finals for the Boy before his break.
Slow and steady.


  1. Cute Santa. Wins the race. Isn't wonderful she is coming home for a bit? I love the holidays and family time.

  2. Beautiful Santa - can't believe Christmas is so close - glad all your family will be with you to celebrate!

  3. It will be so nice to have everyone home, and on vacation! :)

  4. You WOULD have a Santa holding a cat! This is too cute! I know how you feel about The Girl coming home. My son comes home tonight and I feel like a puppy that is shaking from holding his excitement.

    And, Nicki, your sister sends presents but you end up wrapping them? Something doesn't seem quite right . . . I could see you being a muted/rustic/country kinda wrap girl. This "little" theme I'm using this year is a bit out of my comfort zone. I usually prefer paper that makes a statement - solids, stripes . . . something that you don't need to get up close to figure out what it is. But heck, this isn't a permanent commitment. It's not like picking out a husband . . . or even picking out paint for the bedroom . . . :-)