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Sunday, December 11, 2011

memories of Christmases past . . .

long long time ago, we pulled the kids out of school and went to Disney World the week following Thanksgiving. During an earlier visit we were fortunate to ride in the front car of the monorail and the conductor shared a few times during the year that were ideal to visit Disney - the week following Thanksgiving being one of them. He did not exaggerate. The weather was superb, the crowds more than manageable, and the days were the perfect length. It was without question one of our all-time favorite trips to Disney. Taking advantage of the Christmas Party (a separate entry into the park after hours) was the cherry on top. The kids enjoyed the snow in Florida (even though we get "real" snow at home) as well as the special electric light parade. During the parade the Boy sat on my lap, and somewhere between Winnie The Pooh and Tiger he fell asleep. Like the flip of a switch he was out. The only draw-back of the trip was making our way back to the room that night carrying a 100% asleep little boy. And the rude man who decided it was more important to have a folded stroller in the seat beside him than to let a woman carrying a sleeping child have a seat. But it was all good - I am confident that karma has rewarded him many times over since. None-the-less, it was a very memorable trip.

funny enough, that is the only Christmas parade we have ever managed to take our children to see, but after a Disney Christmas parade, I think they've been content.

also funny is that these pictures were taken with (I believe)
my first digital camera which was all of maybe 1.5 megapixels.
Personally, I love them every bit as much as the ones I now take with my double digit megapixel camera.
There is a lesson in there somewhere.


  1. What great memories. I love Disney during the holidays.

  2. I would love to go to Disney during the holidays!! Must be so much fun! Love your Santa in the sleigh!!

  3. What wonderful Christmas memories! I have been told that Disney around the holidays is even more magical than during the rest of the year! We're more beach people than Disney people, but on our one trip with the kids to Disney, we went in February and took them out of school at an off time. It was wonderful. The crowds were thin and we were able to ride repeatedly on the hot attractions without waiting in line. If I were going to Disney again, I think I'd like to go at this time you described, right after Thanksgiving. It sounds perfect.