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Saturday, December 17, 2011

prime time . . .

The other day I switched out the zoom lens for a prime (50 mm) for some specific reason that I can not currently remember. While it was on the camera it occurred to me that this is a very good lens. A lens that melted my heart when I received it for Christmas; and yet a lens that managed to get pushed to the back of the camera bag when I later got a zoom that covered the same range but gave me options. Putting a prime lens on the camera makes me work harder to capture my vision. It also gives a cleaner image. I am determined to leave it on the camera for a while longer, and pull it out more often down the road.

I also was inspired by another 2Pea's photographer's snowmen photos and decided to pull a few of mine and use as photographic subjects.


  1. Oh, Nicki, these are wonderful! I love how you matched the background to each photo! You should print these and display them for the holidays! Beautiful!

  2. Oh, I love everything about these! The processing, the old photo frames...everything! Please print these and use as your Christmas cards next year. Then send me one. lol! :)

    I love my rarely leaves my camera. (as in never.)

  3. Very nice! Really like the PP on these, and your light bokeh is perfect.

    Rattlesnake Lake is called that not because of rattlesnakes (we don't have them this side of the mountains---too wet) but because when the first settlers were here and came out to the lake, in the fall there is a weed that, when dried, the seed pods rattle like....well, like a rattlesnake. That's why the name. The wildlife you have to watch out for are the bears and cougars!

  4. Oh, I love your snowmen!! I would steal them if I lived near you, lol. And the bokeh is gorgeous! I pm'd you...great job on your snow, I was going to try my own before I found the free overlays, I doubt mine would have looked as good as yours.

  5. Pat - regardless of how they came by the name - the whole time I would be there, I'd be thinking "rattleSNAKE" - though bears and cougars are not a welcoming encounter either.

    Thanks ladies for the complements; and Tracie, the snow didn't even sorta turn out like I wanted, but I've figured out my error and fixed it - but I'm off to download per your suggestion. Thanks.

  6. Very neat, especially the hexagon bokeh!

    I was going to say exactly what Becca said about the 50 - almost word for word. I have almost never used any other lens since I bought it.