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Thursday, December 15, 2011

stockings were hung . . .

by the chimney with care

* * *

once I considered getting matching stocking holders,
like matching reindeer or stars or 'ho ho ho'
. . .

but it occurred to me that we'd then have to get matching stockings
to make it look complete

and that just isn't our family

. . .

when the Girl's first Christmas came around
there was a no question that a musical themed stocking was "her".
She sang all.the.time!
She would later deny any of that - but there was no denying it at the time.
. . .

when the Boy's first Christmas came around
he was still very small - but already we knew he had a playful personality
(even at only a few months old, he would smile and giggle at his sister's antics)
{she could be pretty ornery}
. . .

and everyone knows who the sports fanatic is in our family
(he can quote you just about any sport's stats/rules/history - he rocks that category on Jeopardy)
. . .

and then there is mine.
made with love by my sister one Christmas
points in the opposite direction of all others,
simple, distinct, mine.
. . .

we even have some for the cats
that for the most part fit their character
. . .

except for the "good kitty"
we use that phrase figuratively
and not literally
. . .

sorry Ike!


  1. I love stockings that reflect the personality of the person. Ours are all "mis-matched", and I love it. My DD has matching Pottery Barn stockings....B O R I N G. She also has a "theme" tree, with matching ornaments. Ugh. Martha Stewart, go home! Glad to see the kitties have their own representation, too.

  2. I like that you chose stockings to coordinate with personalities. Very special.

  3. Love how your stockings are individuals....just like the people they belong to. And that's so funny that the kitties have them, too. :) Ike looks quite apologetic in that photo. I hope Santa is watching. :)

  4. I love that your stockings match everyone's personality! Love, love, love!
    We have stockings for our pets, as well. This year we added a tiny one for Heather's mouse.

  5. Your stockings are utterly charming. I must admit, though, that I never really got into the stocking thing. To me it was always a hassle finding presents that were useful, little, and wouldn't end up as flotsam around the house, which in turn, would drive me batty. We stopped doing stockings a few years ago, and I don't think the kids, which usually complain even if I use a different type of noodle on their chicken soup, even noticed - at least they've never voiced it to me. I love that each of your stockings is different as is every person that lives in your home. Love it!

  6. I love that each one has their own personaltiy that shows in the stockings. Cute decorations. We all have different stockings and holders also.

  7. Love the story behind every stocking!

  8. Yeah I'd have to get one that said, "Scaredy cat" and one that said, "Good for nothin' furball"!