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Friday, December 30, 2011

year in review . . .

I tried to narrow down favorites from each month to one picture
- but this year was so full of "special" that limiting it to one simply wasn't possible.


a month that started with resolutions that included walks with the neighbor's golden dog; filled with snow days off from school; and pictures often confined to indoors or from indoors - pictures that often came about by mere happenstance, like noticing the red cardinal in the tree as I walked pass the window on my way upstairs with the umpteenth load of laundry.


The Girl turned 18 and we turned a failed birthday bash into a mother-daughter trip to Columbus, Ohio. I vaguely remember telling her that she would one day find friends that would be there for her through thick and thin. Months later, I believe she is well on her way.


snow days turned into rainy days; eager to get back outside and take pictures - especially of the elusive red barns that are sprinkled around the area. enjoying one of the token sunny days sharing my love of photography with The Boy.


a month where all our time and money and energy spent searching for a college for The Girl culminated with acceptance or denial letters - (much to our pleasure, there were far more acceptances than denials),. a month that concluded college visits to make the final choice and 'tah dah' the final choice.
the beginning of the end of high school for The Girl, including her Senior Prom.


Oh my! how do you sum up all the years it takes to grow a high school graduate? a month of reminiscing and looking forward at the same time. The month our baby girl graduated with well deserved accolades. The point where she could exhale and proudly say "I did it!", and us too.


schools out! Possibly the last 'guaranteed' family vacation because The Girl's future summers will be filled with work and travel and things mom and dad have no control over. a month of exploring 'teen' photography with the aid of The Boy's BFF from down the street.
a month that feels like a Friday - where it seems like you have all the time in the world to fulfill plans, goals, and expectations.


still working through mountains of pictures from vacation, plus a little more practice on teenagers.


where did time go?
what happened to summer?
how did my baby turn 16,
and what do you mean it's time to go to college?
we wrapped up summer break with taking The Girl to Wellesley College - a wonderful trip with remarkably few tears; we survived the East Coast earthquake the same weekend and followed up with concerns about her safety as a hurricane ventured a little too close for comfort shortly after the earthquake. (I'm convinced that my not bawling upon delivering her at college made the earth take an abrupt stop in rotation and completely discombobulated storm patterns - perhaps I should have just cried). and to add to the challenge, The Boy's school started a week or so earlier than usual --- what was the BOE thinking!


a month of transition and traditions. leaf burning, fall festivals, football games, and now a new tradition of visiting The Girl during parents and friends weekend at college. the added company of my sister from the west coast made it even more enjoyable.


finally, autumn in it's truest form. pumpkins, fog, multicolored leaves and homecoming.
as an extra, I got to do even more 'teen' pictures. fun!


thanksgiving, more rain, the first trip home from college for The Girl, taking the Christmas card picture in less than 30 minutes, and family. I was anxious about The Girl's first solo trip home from college, but she showed me that she is fully capable. (plus I am now firmly sure that the creeper monitoring device available on phones was specifically put there to calm parents of college aged kids -- thank you iPhone apps).


school finals, travel, lots and lots of rain and no snow. Christmas break, sleeping in, too many sweets, and just enough holiday movies. This month goes faster than any other month of the year - doesn't seem right.

I am ever so grateful for everyone who follows along with my blog, encourages my photography, and sometimes even validates my insanity.
Thank You!


  1. Very nice ones Nicki! And so if I get one of those iphones for my daughter, I can stalk her when she goes to college?

  2. yes, Jill - you can do exactly that; and trust me, it is nice when they are flying alone (especially if they're good and check in like our daughter does). :)

  3. These are great! I am new to your blog so I am feeling a little caught up now:) You have a beautiful family!

  4. . . . and not a single picture of you. That's so wrong!!! I thought I was bad about having my picture taken! I hadn't seen many of these pictures and I love them! Your daughter is so beautiful! Is that "The Bean" in downtown Chicago? Do you mean to tell me you were so close and I didn't know??? Next time you are in town, we have to get together!

  5. Thank you ladies - and sorry, no pictures of me - I do allow the kids to take my picture, but they are most definitely not my favorites. Maria - that is 'The Bean' in downtown Chicago. I want so bad to go back to Chicago - this was taken when we visited The University of Chicago (it was #1 on my list - until Wellesley, which fit our daughter to the tee).

  6. Great look back at your year! Wonderful pictures....can't wait to see what 2012 brings you.

  7. Love your year in review!! Wonderful photos! Happy new year Nicki!!!

  8. Love your year in review photos! Inspiring! Happy New Year!

  9. Thanks for sharing your year with us. Looking forward to 2012!

  10. What a great look back at last year..Here is wishing you a wonderful 2012!