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Monday, January 2, 2012

a new year . . .

we did not have a bit of snow through out the entire Christmas season,
in fact, it was so warm we barely needed a coat.
But today, it is snowing -
time to go back to school, time to go back to work - snow!

Happy New Year!

Now, a perfect way to start the new year:
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  1. Same weather here in Ontario. Today it's blowing and snowing. Love the photo! I have a pair of skates hanging on the door, never thought of using a scarf - great idea.

  2. Love the photo! I miss ice skating ( I live in TN). I am a new follower from the 2peas board!

  3. Love the skates photo. I still can't believe that people can stand up on those things. :)

    Happy New Year Nicki!

  4. i love teh skates! I have always dreamed of having my own ice skates (go figure, I live in HI and hardly go to the rink here, but it just seems cool.)

  5. great set up on the photo! we've got snow, but it's been coming and going as we get a storm and then a few days getting up into the 40's to melt it all and make a mess, only to have more snow fall on it. Needless to say, icy roads!

  6. Nice composition on the skates. Go figure it would snow when you have to get out in it. Have a nice day.

  7. Love this shot!! Didn't get to skate yet this year - too mild... but now it's real cold - I might take them out again!!

  8. Thank you for following my site. I came here to check our yours and I'm so glad I did. Your photography is just fantastic! It makes me smile! I'll be back!