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Thursday, January 12, 2012

elusive blue jay ...

you may recall my futile efforts to capture a shot of the elusive blue jay last winter.
perhaps it was too cold. or maybe too dry.
but lately, it seems they are ripe for the picking,
so perhaps I'll capture more.

all the same, I had to photograph this one through the window
while at the same time holding back a certain gray kitty.


  1. great capture!!! I love the contrast of his blue and the green/brown branches.

  2. They're not easy to photograph, especially while holding a cat. Great photos!

  3. Great captures! I love the processing on these. I had to catch my cat before he accidentally jumped out the window while I was shooting the cardinals today. He was just trying to sit on the sill; he didn't realize the window, including the screen was open.