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Friday, January 13, 2012

not snow ...

not exactly the snow day the kids were hoping and wishing for. this morning we did have a little dusting of snow and horrible winds - but no delays or cancellations. okay with me!
(but at 5:30 this morning I would have been okay with a little extra sleeping time).


  1. I could send snow your way - we got a lot yesterday, freezing rain this morning and more snow this afternoon... yeah (not!). Beautiful shot!

  2. i love it. the droplets and the stark branches.

  3. Wonderful! Sorry for the kids, though. A snow day is always on the wish list! :)

  4. Just brrrrrrr! 5:30 am is way too early to face any cold or snow or wind! I just saw your Civil War bullets photo and that is so interesting! I had no idea Civil War bullets would be so plump in shape. I'm amazed that you and your dad could walk around and find these.

  5. At least it looks REALLY pretty though!!!!