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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bird dogging cat ...

I so enjoy when one of our domestic/pampered/indoor kitties get their 'hunter' mode going - even if it only involves stalking a birdie from the confines of the living room. There is the crouching down and sneaking up on the window. The ears flat-line for better radar sensory. The tail swishes back and forth like a samurai sword. And then there is the pacing from window to window (this step is required regardless of whether or not the bird moves). On this occasion, the prey was barely a morsel - wouldn't even fill one of their treat bags - but oh did Ike enjoying the stalking
- the thrill of the hunt is clearly more important to him.


  1. So cute! Love how you put it all into a film strip!

  2. Nice series of shots. I love watching cats on the prowl.

  3. Cute! I like the film strip frame too!

  4. Oh! And have I already mentioned (probably more than once) that your kitty looks just like my Sugar? At least from the back. Sugar makes a big appearance this week on my blog if you want to see if they're long lost twins!