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Monday, February 6, 2012

winner winner chicken dinner . . .

my team did not win the Super Bowl - blah!

but a player from the local university did score the winning touchdown for the other team - yeah!

I, personally, enjoyed the half-time show but had to keep reminding myself that Madonna is older than me (so I should quit whining about working out) - ouch!

I also had to set the teenager straight that in 30 years I doubt that any of the other performers on stage with Madonna last night will be headlining the half-time show at the Super Bowl
(even though several did a fine performance)
- ha! take that you whipper snappers!

I wish they would have played the Ferris Bueller commercial in full
(especially considering how much money they paid for that thing)
but in the end, probably liked the Doritos man's best friend commercial best (sorry Ike & Co.)

so there you have it -

my Monday morning take on Super Bowl 40 something
(I only count so far in roman numerals...
and secretly resent the fact that I'm older than the history of Super Bowls)

oh, and this is our version of winter 2012 - frost!
(not fun to scrape when the kid is running late for school - but I'll take it over snow and ice any time)


  1. Beautiful shot! I didn't watch the Super Bowl. My husband wanted to be alone with the Patriots and concentrate on the game. That's fine with me. Just waiting for the Red Sox opener.

  2. Watched part of the Super Bowl and loved Madonna's performance! We don't get your commercials in Canada - I have to google them tonight!! LOL!

  3. Nice shot. I said the same thing about my whinning to work out because she is older than me. LOL I missed some of the cool commercials.

  4. Sorry Nicki but I am so happy the Giants won!! I LOVE your photo!

  5. Oh my gosh I was so surprised - Madonna! I was all, "Why does it have to be Madonna? Didn't she disappear back in the late 80s/early 90s?!?!" I could NOT believe it! Ten years older than me and she's still got it! I was amazed. I didn't really care who won (although my cousin did used to play for the Giants) but the wanting to win it for the owner because of his wife did make me kind of hope for Patriots. Then again, they kind of screwed up a lot right at the beginning & I always feel so bad for anyone who screws up on national tv anyway, much less the super bowl.

  6. Oh & both my daughter & step daughter were like, "Way to keep your clothes on Madonna!" Just that she didn't take off her clothes was good enough for them. :-)

  7. What?! That wasn't the full Ferris Bueller commercial? Now I'll have to go hunt it down.
    I enjoyed the half time show and was happy that I knew most of the songs.

    I love your show that even in the midst of winter nature is beautiful.

  8. My husband and sons watched the super bowl while i vegged out in my scraproom. I did like the ferris commercial, i saw it online last week sometime. Your picture is cool, i like the texture.