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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

do you dream in chocolate?

I'm pretty sure I do...
and truth be told, they probably include characters dressed in monogrammed hard chocolate shells.

M&M - for Mars of the Mars Company and Murrie of the Hershey company. Mars came up with the idea from observing soldiers eating re-hardened melted chocolate during the war - came back, patented the idea, and Hershey got a 20% say because at the time they had control of the rationed chocolate. War makes for interesting bed fellas - some last, others don't.

In the mid '50s they introduced peanut M&Ms and in 2000 renamed "Plain" as "Milk Chocolate".
I don't know anyone who refers to them as 'Milk Chocolate'
- it is always - "Do you want 'Plain' or 'Peanut'?"
[Probably some political correctness campaign - fooey!]

The original colors were red, yellow, brown, green, and violet, (not purple - "violet"). In the '70s they stopped making red because of all the hype about red dye and added orange to the line-up. Eventually red was absolved of the scandalous allegations and added back into the mix. Fast forward 20 years and it was time to add a new color. Remember the packages with all grey M&Ms - if you got one you could win beaucoups of money. Guess what - I got a package filled with all grey M&Ms. Yes, I was a winner; not of the $100,000 - but of gazillion packages of M&Ms. Gazillion M&Ms don't go as far as you might think (especially since I stuck them in every gift bag, lunch, snack, and kid that visited the house). But if you can't win the money - getting M&Ms isn't a bad thing.

Oh, and the winning color was Blue. Never as popular as Green (allegedly an aphrodisiac) - but a nice addition to the bunch.

My favorite is 'Plain' but I've never turned down 'Peanut'.
I don't have a favorite color, but instead like to line them up in pairs before putting them out of their misery.
They are probably my favorite treat

- though Lindt Lindor Truffles have never been turned away at the door.


  1. This was a really fun post! Great to get a little history lesson and learn a bit about you. :)

  2. Great post. I love M&Ms, too. The recent addition of the Pretzel M&Ms to the line-up was genius!

  3. I loove this post. I feel I've just been educated about M&M's! I will be relaying this information to my family and pretending I've known it all along lol.

  4. mmm, love MnMs. :)
    also. i want to tell you, i am very challenged by the word verification.

  5. Nope...don't dream in chocolate, but I do dream of chocolate!!! :)

    Fun post, Nicki.

  6. Great post, I love the peanut M&M's but wouldn't turn down any of them! Hungry now, I need chocolate!

  7. I prefer the peanut ones but these days I just want a piece of really, really dark chocolate. Nice pic!

  8. Love the photo, and I'm with you - Plain M&Ms for me, too! I can just see you foisting M&M bags onto unsuspecting visitors . . . but I bet nobody ever turned them down! Who could resist?

  9. Love any kind of M&Ms - any kind of chocolate I should say!! LOL! Thanks for the history of the M&MS - didn't know that!

  10. Ha! I love this post! I love the image of you lining the M&Ms up in pairs. It reminds me of my kids at Halloween, "ordering" all their candy all over the dining room table.
    And you were a winner of gazillions!!!!!! I'm very impressed; it's like "knowing" a true star! Please don't tell me you had to pay taxes on your winnings.

    I'm so glad that red came back!

    1. I know - you'd think a t-shirt would have been included that said "Big Time M&M Winning Superstar Extraordinaire". And gosh, I don't recall the tax ramifications of such a bountiful prize - I don't think it truly amounted to much (cough! all you lurking IRS stalkers out there, cough!).