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Monday, February 20, 2012

macro Monday ...

My husband sent me Peruvian Lilies for Valentine's Day (normally it's Iris and Tulips - my favorites). When they arrived they looked a little like the beginnings of wilted lettuce and 24 hours later had only upgraded to "poorly". But today, well today they are gaining full stride in their bloom and are quite lovely. I will be the first to admit that I am a little sorry about telling him that it is a good thing I already love him because if I'd been a date he was trying to impress - it would have been a "fail". Just goes to show - everything, and everyone, deserves a longer look and consideration beyond that first glance.

First appearances are indeed important,
but keeping an open mind is as well.


  1. lol at telling him it would have been a fail. Great post and glad they are turning beautiful for you.

  2. Your post made me smile!! So glad that the lilies perked up so you could take these gorgeous photos. I love your processing, especially the torn edges!!

  3. I had some of these in a bouquet a few weeks back, but didn't know what they were called. :)

    Glad they perked up for you.

  4. Oh, they are lovely! Your processing compliments them well.

  5. So pretty - glad they came back to life - makes for very pretty photos!