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Friday, February 10, 2012

lest I appear biased . . .

we do have other cats; for example: Mary Jo.

One year The Boy wanted a cat so bad, that for Christmas his note to Santa read "I only want a cat", (he was always good about keeping the "wants" simplistic versus his sister's detailed bullet point list). This particular year he had previously had to part with a kitty because of extenuating circumstances and this was his plea. Life being stranger than fiction, shortly after Thanksgiving, but before Christmas, a cat showed up at the back door. It was dark out and she was more black than white, so when I approached her my first thought was "please, don't let this be a skunk". Then I saw that beautiful face, and then her poor starved body that outlined her ribs. I opened the door to put out some food and she rushed into the house. The Boy's face lit up like a Christmas tree, and before any discussion about keeping her could be had, he pronounced her Mary Jo. He knew she was a gift - but he wasn't sure if it was a girl or a boy - but it was a gift to celebrate Jesus' birth - so he named her Mary and Joseph, Mary Jo for short. Many years later, and not a meal missed, Mary Jo rules and bullies her way around. You can pet her so long as she wants it - and not a moment longer. She is not so picky about the food, but is partial to salmon. When she comes down the stairs she sounds like a human (scared the bejeebers out of me the other day when I thought I was home alone). And we love her in spite of the fact that it is on her terms.

"I will not look at you!" "Ha!"
(her terms)


  1. What a great story! Mary Jo obviously knows how beautiful she is and is going to make sure no one takes advantage of it. Gorgeous cat!

  2. Love Mary Jo and love how she came into your lives and home. What an awesome gift sent for your son. Love that she's taken over and does things her own way :). Oh also love your son's note to Santa, so cute and sounds like something my son would write as well. Glad to hear of another boy loving cats so much.

  3. She's a pretty girl. Let's face it -- we live on their terms every day! :)

  4. Oh, what an awesome, sweet story! We once had a cat (now passed) that showed up after Heather prayed for a kitten. Just goes to show God will give us the desires of our heart. :)

    Mary Jo is beautiful. She probably knows that. lol!

  5. She's beautiful! I love cats :)

  6. What a gorgeous face! I'm partial to black with white cats. I love the reason behind naming her :)

  7. She is so beautiful! I just love her sweet face.

  8. That's how I thought all cats are. The first picture of her is beautiful!

  9. Mary Jo is such a pretty cat, and those eyes of hers. The way she came by her name is worthy of a story book!