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Thursday, February 9, 2012

whether * weather ...

most of our winter mornings have looked like this:

only more rainy and dreary
more blah!

but old man winter does occasionally give us mornings like this:

and whether or not it affords the kids a snow day,
it does give Ike something other than birds to look at.

(who are we kidding, he's scoping out birds)


  1. I am a cat lover so really love looking at your cats.

  2. That second picture looks so ethereal. Great capture of your cat :) It looks like those birds are lucky he's indoors and they're out!

  3. I really love Ike. I am also a cat person, but his personality shines through your images. He seems like a fun and spunky little guy. Our winter this year looks just like your first image, cold and dreary.. Come on spring!

  4. Definitely scoping out birds ;) Love the feel of the wintery/snow shot! Just beautiful.

  5. Ike looks quite intent! I'm afraid, Ruby is just bored with the snow these days. . . unless she finds some good rabbit poop in it.

    Btw, if your travel adventures are like mine, then we'd be dangerous to travel together!

    1. that and it sounds like we've had similar shoe issues. Mine had to be put down following our trip to Disney last year.

  6. My cats never look out the window. Why is that? Lovely photos.