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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

swan song . . .

Both Winter and my Valentine's Day bouquet are on their way out.
Tomorrow's forecast is close to 70 degrees - and these lilies are trash bound to be replaced with daffodils.

We'll probably have snow next week!


  1. Our spring flowers are starting to pop up as well. A few of the daffodils are about ready to open. The hyacinth are close also. Definitely as sign that it will snow soon. ;)

  2. I think we are all holding our breathe with all these beautiful spring flowers coming up and knowing in the back of our minds that we all will probably get more cold weather.....

  3. I love the red sigs, they looks like a strokes! Kisses by Italy!

  4. The weather is very fickle right now. We had thunderstorms last night -- in February! Very strange indeed.

  5. Spring flowers?? What is that? We are getting more snow tomorrow :(