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Monday, February 27, 2012

happy 19th birthday ...

just because she is miles and miles away
only means I will have to wish a little harder
for her to have a wonderful and happy birthday

10 years ago my daughter made a time capsule for her class where they collected items representing their vast 10 year old lives and completed a pamphlet with tidbits about who they were at 10 and where they hoped to be when they grew-up. I didn't have a coffee can, so we recycled a butter bowl; and when she brought it home I was 'forbidden' to peek, so I hid it back in a cabinet so she wouldn't think it was lame and trash it during her "mom, that is so lame!" years. (there is a point in every child's development where you have to place milestone keepsakes far from their view and reach or it is all "so lame" and it has to be trashed or the world will end from 'lameness!")

I love her helpful hints and her 'older than her years' insight about accepting your friends for who they are. I especially like that she knew to "obey your parents"

. . .
wait.... you mean you knew at 10 that you were supposed to obey your parents but still gave us utter grief about doing your college essays?

Guess it is a good thing there are miles and miles;
still, I would give her a big hug because grief or no grief - I love this child to pieces.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!


  1. I love her wise 10 year old words! And her wisdom about her friends is quite impressive. Funny about how fuzzy their memory of "obey your parents" can be at times!

    Because you like ice cream, I think you should have some in honor of your daughter's birthday today!

  2. It's hard to be so far away for birthdays but it looks like you are giving a valiant effort to wish her a happy birthday.....

  3. Lovely wishes for your daughter...

  4. Well, it's the thought that counts!

    Happy Birthday to your daughter, Nicki. :)

  5. That "Help" document is precious. What a great thing to have around! It is hard when they celebrate their birthdays away but I guess it's good that they are growing up. Happy birthday to your daughter!

  6. what a wonderful thing to have 10 years later...Happy Birthday to your daughter

  7. Happy birthday to your sweet daughter! I think a time capsule is an awesome idea. I'll have to have my kids make one to!

  8. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter! And it's so sweet you kept the time capsule all this time!

  9. Happy Birthday to her! So awesome that you have her time capsule!