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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Monday Macro & Tuesday Texture . . .

Following pictures on Sunday the kids persuaded me to stop at Starbucks, suggesting we could use the drive-thru for convenience. Imagine their perplexed faces when I promptly parked the car and jumped out with my camera. I know their first thought was "uh, no. we are NOT posing for pictures in Starbucks." But they were even more perplexed when I threw my scarf on the hood of the car and started snapping pictures. My macros sucked, but it was so worth it to see their "omg, she's lost her mind" expressions.

we then proceeded to the drive-thru.

capturing a crisp full snowflake macro = not so good
embarrassing the kids = perfectly

Sadly, my macro attempts did not improve with added snow.
oh well!

so I'll just move on to textures

[A Rural Journal texture: Emily]


  1. I think all of us photographers look crazy more often than not lol! Looove that macro shot! Well worth your stop!

  2. I would love to have seen their faces.....Isn't it fun and frustrating at the same time trying to get that perfect shot......I know the feeling well....

  3. I think your snowflake shot is wonderful! Keep on shooting! :-D

  4. My son perhaps would think that, but my daughter not a chance, she's a photographer too! Love those shots and I'm with you sista!

  5. I can just imagine their faces when they saw you jump out the car and take photos of snowflakes!! LOL! I think you did awesome!

  6. i love all the snow. My family is pretty much immune to the fact that I stop for photo ops all the time ;)

  7. Lol about your omg she's lost her mind comment. I can so relate to that!!!