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Monday, March 5, 2012

the truest of friends . . .

We have had a very casual winter with little to no snow, or cold temperatures for that matter; so when the forecast for Sunday was 30s to 40s with a chance of snow, my initial thought was "yea, sure!". But when I got up (very early courtesy of gray kitty alarm) and it was actually quite c.o.l.d.

all ideas of going out to take pictures of the kids seemed ridiculous. To be honest, if The Boy had approached me and said "mom, do you mind if we pass on doing pictures today?" I would have jumped at the offer and remained warm and comfortable in velour sweats all day. But as I've been hounding him about getting out with friends (having a rough go of it in that department lately), I got myself ready, picked a photographic objective and hauled myself out into winter.

we originally were going to do 'door shots' - but the wind and eventual snow showers drove us indoors.

and we were not disappointed.

I am so grateful for the wonderful, loyal, and true friendship he has with his friend S.
they just click and it makes taking pictures on a day stamped with lazy - oh, so much more fun.


  1. It was definitely worth the effort...These pictures are amazing.....I would not want to have to pick one; they are all great....Such a good looking couple; I know they are best friends but you never know...My hubby and I started out as best friends and we've been married a long time....Never know....

  2. those are great shots. i love that window in the last shot, it makes for such an interesting shot. I also love all the layers in the first shot.

  3. These are incredible! I love the colors, the locations, the poses, expressions, everything. You did such a great job, and I'm sure the two of them will cherish these shots for years to come!

  4. I love the window shot and the first one to! Actually I'm thinking I love them all. These are pretty awesome captures and I'm glad you braved the early morning and weather to get them.

  5. I know how hard it is to brave the cold to got out to take some shots! Glad you did because your photos are great! My faves are the second and last ones!