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Thursday, April 5, 2012

creeping phlox . . .

~ creeping phlox ~

Growing up, the front embankment going into our house was filled with multicolored creeping phlox. A very pretty 'welcome home' and a much needed ground cover for an area of the yard that proved to be a challenge to mow (all I'm going to say is 'thank goodness' for thick plastic on the toe of Chuck Taylor tennis-shoes). The pictured specimen is from a small group located in the rock garden between us and the neighbor. I get why they called them phlox (could have saved us all the trouble of googling and spelled it flocks - as in 'flock of flowers that meanders aimlessly'), but why 'creeping'? Creeping has such a bad cogitation these days (actually, creeping/creeper/creep has always had a negative cogitation) - perhaps to be politically correct we should call them 'embracing phlox' or 'herd of flowers that spread'.


  1. Whatever you want to call them, they sure are pretty!

  2. SO simply gorgeous!...

  3. So pretty! I like embracing phlox...sounds so romantic.

  4. i love those flowers, they look so dainty and pretty. and i love the blue background too. :)

  5. So pretty - maybe I should add a bit on part of my garden!