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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

have a seat . . .

the bunny is in town.

Neither of my children were fond of sitting with a character for pictures. Santa, The Easter Bunny (Raggedy Ann & Andy, Barney, .....the list goes on) creeped them out. As a result, the few pictures I do have include a kid either making a run for it, or just barely sitting/standing close to the character. Fortunate for them I never pushed it, and would even take an alternative route at the mall to avoid the whole picture scene all together.

Strangely, The Girl was cool with character pictures at Disney. Weird, right?
The Boy - no way, no how!


  1. The bunny seat really pops against the pretty pink background.... seamless paper?

    1. card stock - it is a tiny chair (perfect size for a stuffed bunny). Thanks!

    2. How funny Nicki, I just automatically saw it as a child size seat :)

  2. Cute chair!

    My daughter was afraid of mall Santas. Truth be am I. ;)

  3. Adorable chair! Love the pink background.
    Both girls were okay with Santa, but not the Easter Bunny. Maybe because Santa is human.

  4. Wow! Me too! I saw it as a child-sized chair! So much for perspective. . . . And about the creature-wariness. . . . it just proves it: you have smart kids! When you think about it, it really is rather weird that we even try to put out kids through rituals like that. I hope they still got wonderful Easter baskets, though!

  5. I thought too that it was a child sized chair!! It's adorable!