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Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday.....the 13th ! ! !


Those movies creep me out. I've never gotten into slasher, thriller, or zombie apocalypse movies. Apparently WV googles 'zombie apocalypse' more than any other state (according to one of my daughter's class discussions). I only mention this because my son has been watching some zombie TV series on Netflix for the past week and each time I have to leave the room. This wouldn't be so bad if he weren't watching in the living room adjacent to the kitchen - and during dinner preparation no less.

on to a completely different subject: the last of the dogwood.
I suspect with this weekend's 80 degree temperatures, the dogwood will bloom out and the leaves fill in.

Have a nice Friday!
(creepy and bad superstition free)


  1. Replies
    1. Very pretty. All our blooms are now gone as well.


  2. Don't you hate to see them go?? Beautiful pic. Not too hot on zombie movies myself.

  3. i love springtime flowers and it is sad that they go so quickly. i love your picture.

  4. I just love dogwoods this is so pretty. I am with you I dont watch scary movies ever.

  5. What a contrast - pretty dogwood and talk about scary movies! Love it!

  6. So pretty; it looks as though it were floating.