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Saturday, April 14, 2012

color adjustment ...

shades of pink:

Located below the pale pink of the cherry blossoms, the above azalea bush is almost red.

and believe it or not, when this azalea bush fills with bloom, this very very pink can be better described as . . .


(the last two shots are from the same bush)

it's enough to make you double check your internal RGB levels.

*no color adjustments were made to these pictures


  1. Very cool-amazing that they are from the same bush! I love pink!

  2. Beautiful pics! I'm rather fond of that peachy pink.

  3. So so beautiful. I love that 2nd picture so much...the water droplets!

  4. Lovely, the peach color really sings! :-)

  5. Lovely shades of pink! My fav is the first one.

  6. What a great range of colors and I'm envious of how beautiful your area must be looking about now! I have the first hint of some yellow tulips appearing now, and other than the occasional green leaf, that's about it so far for us.

    By the way, I just got a chance to scan through your earlier post, and OMG! Your bubbly strawberry! It's incedible! You really rocked it! And I think it's great when you can recruit a family member for help with the holding/blowing bubbles!