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Saturday, April 7, 2012

same, but different ...

At the request of our son, we went to see Titanic at the movie theater yesterday (again), where it was the same, but different. The 3-D was okay, the audience chatter perhaps a little worse than the first time we saw it, but still a very good movie. Rose was still a hot mess, Caledon was still an ass, and Jack - well, he looked even younger. The bottom line is that this is a movie made to be seen on a large movie screen (3-D or otherwise) and our son was pleased that he got that opportunity since he was too young to see it when it was initially released.

One year while in Florida we visited The Titanic Experience exhibition. The Boy was so taken with the 1997 movie that he was captivated by every nuance of the story: from getting to see replicated rooms, to being assigned the name of an actual passenger and learning of his fate at the end of the tour.


  1. I'll never see it. I have a fear of drowning and that won't help me get over it. But it is a touching story.

  2. This post makes me want to see the Titanic again in the movie theater, although I'm paranoid about 3D movies and whether they'll trigger migraines. But that exhibit sounds like it was wonderful! By the way, thanks for your suggestions the other day on my blog about reflectors. I always find your photo advice to be very, very helpful! I actually ordered another reflector, I'm so "taken" with reflectors now!

    1. I'm glad it was helpful. I've learned by trial and error and lots of reading - and often, just when I think "look at me and my bad self" - I learn something new.

  3. I just saw the movie yesterday. It was worth the headache I got from the 3D glasses =D
    In the cinema where I watched it, nearly everyone was crying and I was amazed when they all started clapping when the movie finished.
    Love your blog! have a great day.