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Sunday, April 8, 2012

scavenger hunt Sunday - - -

Happy Easter!

~ New ~

I got nothing!
We did get a new vanity sink in the 'powder room' to replace the old 1970s corner unit.
Long time coming - but not exactly something I'd normally photograph.

~ Life ~

blueberries - from bloom to berry - to hopefully blueberry scones ..... the circle of life!
(berry shot is from last year).
it's always a race between me and the birds on who gets the bounty.

~ Fragrant ~

I love the classics.

~ Pink ~

All the pink in the yard is starting to fade, so I decided to use dried flowers.

~ Obvious ~

I can't say how many flowers I've photographed only to notice a bug, beetle, or spider in post-processing. (look close - you'll see it)

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  1. Great shots! Of the classics, I love Chanel 27. Yeah I'm that old. I'm laughing because I've taken shots before when I find there was some kind of critter in the shot after I put the photos on the computer.

  2. Sch a pretty collection. I really like your take on life!

  3. oh that spider is adorable. fresh blueberries = a nice treat!

  4. Good shots! I can't decide if I like the pink dogwood flower or the blueberries best.

  5. The bugs are the best part!!!! I can't get enough dogwood photos!!! Great job.

  6. Nice job! I love the light in that first one and the blueberries are fantastic! Like 'em all!

  7. Love the little white flowers in life.

  8. Great finds!
    I know how you feel about racing to get your blueberries. We have to do that with our plums. We don't usually get any. The past few years the Japanese beetles have destroyed them before the plums were big enough. If it's not the beetles, then it's the birds.

    I really love your fragrance shot, it looks like it belongs in a magazine ad.

  9. I LOVE your blueberry shot!!!

  10. I always enjoy my visit to your blog...beautiful blueberries and dogwood!

    Happy Easter, Nicki!

  11. Beautiful images this week. Love that blueberry shot. Hope you had a lovely day!!

  12. Beautiful set - I especially love life.

  13. The blueberry blossom is wonderful! I had not idea they looked like that :)
    And cute little spider-hitchiker, although I don't normally use sentences with both "cute" and "spider" in them!