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Friday, May 4, 2012

education . . .

not all photography is created equal. 
sometimes it clicks. 
sometimes it doesn't. 
figuring out your niche is an education in and of itself.

I have been given the opportunity to dabble in food photography by a local restaurant 
and yesterday I got schooled. 

it is imperative that the air-conditioner is turned on long before you arrive. 
it is important to let everyone know what is on the agenda for the day. 
it is important to be flexible and modify the agenda to keep the chef happy.
it is not required to use any of the pictures that weren't on the original agenda.

 ~ ~ ~

in photography,  as with life in general,
sometimes you need to step outside your comfort zone,
and when the food tastes this good,
it is well worth the stress.
and the sweat,
and the tears.
(actually there were no tears!)


  1. Those photos are just beautiful! I can imagine it would be really hard to work with food... and kids!



  2. Wow these look amazing! Soo yummy and I love all the things you've learned :).

  3. These look great Nicki! Good job!

  4. Very nice, Nicki! What a fun new way to stretch your creative eye.

  5. Fabulous philosophy about life and photography! You did such a wonderful job on these food shots.

  6. You did a wonderful job...My favorite is the last one! What a great experience...thanks for sharing it.

  7. You did great - love these - and I am sure the restaurant loves them too :)

  8. One must be flexible in all things -- or you will be disappointed alot!

    Great photos, Nicki -- I think you are pretty brave for taking on this project.