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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

fill the frame . . .

a left-over from last week's scavenger hunt (attempt at "smile").
I kinda expected the "super moon" to fill the frame like this, and was a little disappointed,
but as many pointed out,
 at least I got a glimpse of it before the fog and clouds show it who's da' boss. 

*for the record - this is an earring. 
from the '90s.
not the '80s.
I might even wear them today!


  1. Wow...reallly? I never would have guessed it was an earring. I was thinking some sort of archeological find at a museum. Love the texture of it up close.

  2. Good macro! And you sure did fill the frame. I would not have guessed an earring either.

  3. Fooled me, too...never would've guessed it was an earring. It does look like some type of mask.

  4. I'm with Kathy, I thought it was something from a museum as well. So...did you end up wearing them today?

    1. I ended up with something more conservative - but they are the front of the cabinet for future consideration.

  5. I would have never guessed this was an earring. But after you mentioned the moon, all I can think of is ♪♪When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore...♪♫ Don't ask. I don't know why. :)

  6. An earring? Really? Wow! I never would have guessed! I like them, though! You should take a picture of yourself wearing them!

  7. I would totally wear that as an earring! It's great! I was hoping to a SUPER moon too, but unfortunately clouds were at their best. And plus, we have daylight at all hours, which kinds defeats the purpose of seeing the moon anyway. Ohhhh well!

  8. Never would have guessed it was an earring - love it! would wear it for sure!

  9. Cool pic, cool earring! I like the idea of wearing a happy face any time.