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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

keeping promises ...

as if over night, there is color everywhere.
 I've noticed everyone's gardens and yards busting with it
and with each passing I promised myself that as soon as my schedule slowed down (some)
I would take a day and hunt down barns and flowers
and photograph them.

so I'll start in my own back yard and move on from there
laundry, housework, and all those other fun things will just have to wait.


  1. Oh, very beautiful. Love the top one!

  2. I may just have to make laundry and housework and even meal prep wait to do just the same thing. Beautiful photos!

  3. Gorgeous Nicki! I gave my daylilies away to my neighbor as they were getting crowded in my yard. You've inspired me to get over there and shoot them!

  4. We're still a little way away from our daylilies blooming so it is mighty nice to see yours. Wonderful photos! I really love the first one.

  5. Beautiful shots! Love the first one!

  6. My native day lilies are budding -- looking forward to their arrival. These are lovely captures, Nicki. :)

  7. These are just beautiful images...terrific macro work!!

  8. Fantastic color in these. The deer were snacking on my day lilies earlier this spring so I'm not sure they will bloom this summer.

  9. Laundry and housework can alway wait!! Beautiful shots!

  10. I just love that first photo! It's an unusual angle to photograph the flower AND it worked!

    Sounds like your plan is a good one. Laundry is never done anyway. No sooner do you fold the last whatever, when another one appears in the basket. Enjoy the summer!

  11. What beautiful lillies. I love the first shot expecially.