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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday . . .

After phoning-in my scavenger hunt last week, I had hoped to be more on top of things this week. But despite being out on 3 different photo sessions, I have not picked up my camera once;
 for a change I was my son's photo caddy while he did Senior photos for a couple of friends, something I am proud to do as he develops into a fine photographer.

In any event, here is what I managed to pull from last weekend (and one archive).

 * rainbow * 
(had to go to the archives for this one
- the Fountain Monument memorializing the Nov. 14, 1970 airplane crash that took the lives of the Marshall University football team, coaching staff, and many members of community.)

* fluffy * 
 (a stretch with the fuzzy little goslings - but the only thing close)

* letters * 
(recycled paper to make the butterflies -many of which had typing on them)

* metal * 

* tree * 

 [The letter and tree shots are from the decorations created by this year's Senior Class at Wellesley College located inside the library. Each butterfly was hand cut and the design goes throughout the library. I didn't want to take up too much time clicking my camera because many girls were still studying for finals.]

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  1. i love your rainbow photo. Such a unique twist! And metal is a very cool shot.

  2. Hi!
    Great snapshots! Love the butterfly tree, beautiful! Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  3. I love everyone of your pictures. The rainbow is majestic, fluffy is so sweet, letters is very creative, metal is imperial, and tree, oh I love that one, so beautiful ! That's an excellent set :)

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    1. I was trying to say that your rainbow picture is lovely despite the sad story behind the monument.

      The butterfly tree is fun and I bet my daughter would love one!

  5. Great rainbow and monument. Sad to hear so many lost their lives. Enjoy viewing your photos, thanks for sharing.

  6. Beautiful shots! That butterfly tree is really cool. Hope you have a great week.

  7. Beautiful work - I'm loving rainbow.

  8. My favs are the rainbow shot and the metal shot!

  9. Wow! Love the sculpture reflecting the rainbow! Very unusual and beautiful!

  10. Another admirer of your rainbow fountain shot here! And I love the bridge shot also. Ha! You spotted the unplugged iron! I wondered if you would! (Did you also notice that I seem to be drinking through a closed cap? Only afterwards did it occur to me to use an empty bottle or two. . . . )

  11. Lovely set. Your metal shot was my fav.

  12. LOve the POV of your metal shot. Nice color too! Have a great week!

  13. Such a creative bunch you have, especially the letters and tree - amazing! I love the rainbow one a lot...

  14. the rainbow Shot!!!!!