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Sunday, May 13, 2012

shs | Mother's Day Edition ...

Happy Mother's Day to moms near and far, past and present. 
It is such a privilege to be a mom, 
and every passing year I gain even greater respect and admiration for my own mom.

 This week's words for the scavenger hunt:

 *~ sidewalk ~* 

isn't there something about
 never stepping on a crack or you'll break your mother's back.

"kids -
someones got some splaining to do!"

*~ Inspiring ~* 

I am so inspired by my children;
both continually show me how to rise above circumstances, take the high road, and persevere.
I'd like to take credit for that,
but I can't. 
(those blue eyes didn't come from me either!)

 *~ Time ~* 
it's 5 o'clock somewhere, right?
(ok, not so Mother's Day-like, but I suspect many mothers have felt an occasional need for
medicinal aid to calm the nerves.)

*~ close-up ~* 

I love summer wild flowers, and daisies are at the top of the list.
I don't know of any mother who doesn't melt when their little one hands over a bouquet of dandelions, daisies, and purple clover.

*~ with mirror ~* 

my little girl! 
 this mirror etching was given to her as a gift by her grandmother. At one point I had to wrap it up and put it in a drawer because she said it creeped her out when she went to bed at night.
 felt like someone was looking at her.

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  1. Beautiful series, I love the way you tied them all into Mother's Day. I hope you are enjoying your mother's day.

  2. Beautiful set - love what you said about inspiring and I love your close up. Happy Mother's day.

  3. Great series this week - especially love the Daisy shot!

  4. Great daisy picture, perfect in its simplicity.

  5. your series is such fun! your SIDEWALK shot was pretty funny. I stepped on a metal grate & broke a bone in my foot... so whenever the word sidewalk is mentioned my mind instantly goes to that memory.

  6. Love your sidewalk and close up shots! So pretty?

  7. Happy Mother's Day! Love your set. I don't believe it needs to be 5:00 to enjoy a glass of wine :)

  8. Happy Mother's Day!! Lovely collection - I like the wine....

  9. I love this! Happy Mother's Day, and I just love your writing with your photos! The statement about your daughter's mirror, the medicinal "assist", and the being inspired by your children. . . . You as wonderful a writer as you are a photographer. Oh, and I love your lighting on the "Inspired" photo!

  10. Beautiful photos. I love your inspired capture.

  11. Nice interpretations, Nicki. LOVE love that shot of The Boy!

  12. Love the flower shot! very pretty! and what a neat mirror =) cool.

  13. Love all your photos. I can definetely see you growing as a photog. Love the first photo..and shucks...all the rest. Your son is as handsome as ever! And I agree with the mirror. It kinda creeps me out too! LOL.

  14. Like your set but I must admit that mirror could creep you out a little. Love the close up shot. It's amazing how dandelions can seem like a gorgeous rose when given by our children. My girls both have blue eyes which they didn't get from me either.

  15. Love all your choices for the hunt! Especially the daisy and the sidewalk shots!

  16. I LOVE your sidewalk and close-up shots! Great job!

  17. I liked your photos very much !!!! Sidewalk is absolutely beautiful and you do write so well the text in photos !!!! Most I like your inspiring, close up and time !!! The mirror is kind of creepy but still old and beautiful !!! (if the mirror frames were in bright color it would look like retro or funky or hippie)

    ps. if you like to look at my earlyer photos go in the end og my blog there is blogiarkisto = all months and years.