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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

what a trip . . .

We are back home after traveling North to fetch our [now] college Sophomore (gulp!). There is no easy way to get there and back whether by plane, train, or automobile. As a result we've decided to embrace it because we have 3 more years,
unless she ends up in Japan for 1 year and we're not going to talk about that today.
 Not yet.
 Anyhoo, each time we've driven, we've made the same mistake: 

"YEAH! We're closer, there's New York City!" 

no, wait ...
"IS that New York City?" 

eventually concluding: 
This is NOT the bridge to NYC! 

and those people are NOT flying into NYC! 

definitely NOT New York City! 


THIS is the bridge into the city. 

New York City


and if there was any question 
this pretty much says it all. 


I took very few pictures this trip because it was about bringing our daughter home for the summer. 
In the process we've learned that she doesn't have to have everything from home for college to be home. 
(next year: 2 trunks, TV & stand, fan. PERIOD) 
 I don't know where this school year has gone but clearly it happened because the young lady we brought home last night is not the same, self-conscious, naive little girl we took North last Fall.


  1. Loved seeing the story of your trip!

  2. Ahhh, I bet you are thrilled to have her home! I know you don't want to hear this, but I swear the college years go even faster than the high school ones did. My son just graduated from U of Michigan, and moved TO NYC last Thursday! Where does your daughter go to school?

    1. Lauren - I still remember when you posted about Colin being accepted at U of Michigan and I fear that it goes even faster when the child is your own. (she is hoping to study in Japan to boot - I am struggling wrapping my head around that one, but will encourage her ever inch of the way). Allyson (my daughter) attends Wellesley College outside of Boston, MA. We were fortunate that she was accepted by many colleges, but it made making that final choice so tough; but Wellesley has been the perfect fit.

  3. The growth the kids go through that first year is absolutely amazing. They leave as teenagers; they come home as young adults. So glad you have her home!

  4. I like these photos very much and the text is well written !!! Those bridges are big and scary. New York looks so cool even from distance and the last text is so well written about your daughter about children how they change and how it feels !!!
    And you understood my snake so well. You wrote it like I felt it too. Snake is beautiful however dangerous.
    So if you like to see my fluffy, cute pics in next Scavenger Hunt go to in my blog. It is there as you look down in my blog after 2 or 3 challenges. Yes soon is the week end !!! Have a nice day and I hope I'll hear from you soon :)

  5. They (kids) tend to change very much at this age... bittersweet in some regard, isn't it?

    I bet you are glad that trip is over for awhile. Whew!

  6. Oh I can soooo relate to this! Especially the traffic in NYC. My Thing #2 attended Fordham in the Bronx!

  7. Oh, such adventures your children will lead you into! I was just realizing today that it's been 10 years since my oldest graduated high school. 10 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I think they make more changes in THAT 10 years, then they do from 8 to 18!!!! In 10 years, he's finished college (oh, the packing/moving adventures for us!), went off to the Navy (so we packed up his dorm room in DC, and WITHOUT HIM to help, because the Navy had him, moved him into another dorm across the city,) saw him head off to Japan for 2 years (on ships, and in South America and Spain and wherever), move back to DC, get married and now just bought a house.

    So, I see another road trip to the big city (DC) for us in our future, this time with a uhaul and finally hauling all his "stuff" to empty out his half of the bedroom.

    They're so worth it, and there are so many more chapters to come!

    1. Just reading that made me exhausted. I remember all the moves and transitions I made in the 10 years following my high school graduation. God bless my parents.

  8. Oh, the traffic...I feel your pain. Been there, done that more times than I care to admit. :) Glad your daughter is home for the summer. Enjoy...time goes much too fast!