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Sunday, June 17, 2012

father's day ...


I often speak of mom, but seldom talk about dad. I suspect it is because he was such a quiet and private man. He started out a handsome, cocky fella, ready to take on the world. But years of working to raise a family of 4, support a wife's dreams of completing her college degrees, and maintaining a business that often provided employment for extended family, he became a man who preferred the lime-light be on someone else. He was not without flaw, but was rich in all the qualities that make for a great father and role model. I am forever grateful that I had the presence of mind to tell both of my parents how wonderful they were, and how I continued to gain respect for all they did as I embarked on raising children of my own. 

Dad has been gone since 2001, and I still get a jolt of melancholy when I see an elderly man that stands, or talks, or resembles him. I miss him dearly, but am at peace that he passed away in his sleep at a point when his body could simply go no more. He was so modest that he never shared with us kids that he had played the guitar and sang with his family as a young man. Each of us kids were in band and always wondered where we got our musical inclination because when you are a kid there is no way your parents could have been cool enough to be musically talented - no way! 

Happy Father's Day to my husband, also a quiet man
 (and so far as I know - not musically inclined).
 Love him anyway.


  1. Hi, Nicki - I've been away for a little bit and just now caught up with your blog. I'm a sucker for old photos and these two are just too wonderful, especially the second one. It's hard to imagine that our parents ever had a life until we came along. My father was a quiet man, too, and yet his memory screams loudly in my mind. Happy Father's Day to your musically uninclined but wonderful husband!

  2. What a wonderful tribute. Love the old photos. Such treasures.

  3. What a sweet post and tribute to your dad for Father's Day. I like the way you presented these with the vintage corner tabs. Hope you have a wonderful week...thanks for your nice words all is going well for my daughter; we're all adjusting to the change. :)