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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

blah ...

contrary to the brilliance of this flower - I have been pretty 'blah' lately. 
 I ache from head to toe with my body rebelling against the gym and my creative side hasn't been doing much better.
Plus it is going to be 100 degrees outside today 
--- oh my! 
Can you say "air conditioning"? 

 yea, I'm not leaving mine 
--- pictures will have to wait. 

(I took this one this morning when it was only 80 degrees.)


  1. I think we are getting your temps later in the week :(. Stay inside and cool off!

  2. I wanted to go out and take pictures today but it is just too hot! Great picture anyway :)

  3. Topped out at 70, and now its rainy and cool. 100 sounds unbelievable here right now - but the alfalfa has me with watery eyes.

    Love your bright beautiful photo!

  4. 100 degrees! I'd melt! We don't have AC and when it hits 80 I'm miserable! Lovely bloom!

  5. Pretty flower.... a tiger lily? Seems it has more layers of petals than usual.

  6. This was among some stray lilies thrown in with wild lilies - possibly a tiger, not sure where they came from. And don't start me on allergies - just took 2 benadryl

  7. Time for a road trip to ND! It was a pathetic 50 degrees this am when I got up. I want HOT!

    And I love the curly-ruffles of your flower.

    And if you're aching, it means you've BEEN to the gym!!!! Good for you! I say, you deserve a (gentle) pat on the back and high 5! (And massage and soak in the tub.)

  8. This doesn't look blah sorry you feel blah. It is pretty.

  9. We are getting over 100 degrees today - glad I work in air conditioning!

  10. That is way too hot, for sure! I like it about 70-75 degrees. Stay cool and I love your pretty flower :)

  11. Very pretty day lily -- out heat broke yesterday and now we have rain and cooler temps. I'll try to send some your way. :)