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Friday, June 22, 2012

not all stories have happy endings ...


everyone gets excited about summer. can't wait to sleep in, do "nothing", 'less' homework, hang with friends. but summer doesn't always live up to its expectations; and sometimes "friends" turn out to be only 'acquaintances'. and sometimes what seemed like 'less work' only turns out to be 'different' work. and sometimes birds don't hatch their eggs in the Spring and when yard maintenance includes cleaning gutters, nests get removed. not all stories have happy endings. 

but this weekend, by golly, we are going to have fun.  
we'll  be venturing to the Farmer's Market 
and in general, doing our own little photo walk to insert some creativity and spontaneity back into our lives. 
this would be where we 'pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off ...'


  1. Glad you're going with the glass half full mantra, and yes, sometimes summer is disappointing :/ Love your photo of the egg, though it's too bad it didn't hatch! Have fun at the Farmer's Market, we love going to them!

  2. Love the shot of the egg. I also had one of those this spring. A bird decided to go inside the vent on our camper and make a nest. We had to remove the nest and I felt really sad about the eggs, but since I couldn't do anything about having to remove the nest and eggs I decided to use the egg and part of the nesting as a photo op :)

  3. Even summer has its blah days -- I'm glad you are going to do something about it! :)

  4. Sorry things have been disappointing for you this week :( I love your good attitude though... wish I could do the Farmer's Market and a photo walk with you. I might copy your idea!

  5. I have those days too...'pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off ...' I'll be singing that all day!

  6. Wish we could know how joy felt without experiencing the opposite... We so love our farmers market. Hope the trip had some moments of joy no matter what else may happen along the journey