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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday . . .

Having been in a drought of photographic ambition or creativity lately I was pretty exciting to knock out shots for the hunt, and in record time.
. . .

this week's words were: warped, concentric circles (had to google that one to be sure), gear, glazed, and marble. 

 ~ warped ~ 


 my son looked at this picture and ....... {crickets} "I don't get it". 

 me: "of course you don't!" "this is what we fondly referred to as music back in the day. 
 and our biggest worry was that it might get scratched, or worse....WARPED."

 son: {blink} {blink} "I love you mom!" 
--- which is code for 'you poor, sad, slightly mentally deranged woman. 

 ~ concentric circles ~ 


 fess up - you googled this one too! 

 ~ gear ~ 

not the most expensive part of my 'gear', but definitely a key player. 

 ~ glazed ~ 

summer = strawberries 
smile = glazed strawberries 
giddy = glazed strawberries with whipped cream 

~ marble ~ 

yep, I went there! 
(no one said the creative juices were original)

enjoy more over at Ashley Sisk's blog:


  1. Those camera straps are so important!

  2. Love your set of images! Yes, I have a few of those warped records still around my house!! Love, love, love the concentric circles!! What a clever and original idea!!

  3. Love the glazed strawberries. Yum!

  4. Ha ha, yes I googled. When four above average intelligent adults didn't know, I had to google it! Very nice set. Warped was genius! I too have some of those old canning jars. Have a great week.

  5. Mm, glazed looks so good! Perfect finds!

  6. Great photos! I love the story with warped. Too funny!

  7. Great photos...I wish I had saved some of those warped records... I think I need to look up a recipe for strawberry tart...yummy!!!

  8. Love those old records, and yes, I can remember what happened when they warped and they sound it made. Yummy glazed, I would like one, thank you. Need to invest in one of these straps, can't wear the one's that came with the camera, too uncomfortable. Great line-up!!

  9. Those records bring back memories.. Such great shots this week. I really enjoyed seeing what you found on your hunt.

  10. Terrific set.
    I so recall "Warped" records, I had one that really got warped because I left it on the diningroom table in the sun one day. Oops!

    Top Picks: Glazed - Oh my stars that looks so delicious!
    Marble - Obvious (yes) but none the less a fantastic photo.

  11. Great shots - I've got lots of old records myself!

  12. I would love to get my hands on that record! Great shots! :)

  13. Great set. Love your ideas for each. Thanks

  14. Love the Marbles!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  15. Love that you kept your old records!! :) - and the strawberries and cream - mmmmmm!

  16. Great interpretation of warped - I got it!

  17. oh those strawberries look soooo good!! great set!!

  18. Great pics for the prompts. I missed doing the Hunt this past week but I will be back next week, I hope.