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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

guess who's coming for dinner ...


the birds!
The blueberries are ripening so that means I'll have to keep a keen eye on the shrub in order to scare the vultures (I mean birds) away.  I'd promote Ike to Sentry - but he keeps falling asleep in the warm sun.
Good help is hard to find these days!


  1. Love that picture! You captured the colors and texture so well. I am absolutely hooked on blueberries :) Your comment about kids in college and my new camera made me think that since C just graduated, maybe I'll call it my graduation (aka no more tuition bills to pay) present!

  2. I noticed the birds eying my raspberries are right, vultures! (o:

  3. so pretty! we love blueberries in this house. :)

  4. Yummy! I couldn't be your guard of the bush cuz I'd eat them all!

  5. Ahh poor Ike. Sure hope the birds don't eat them all, they look delicious!!

  6. I would fight for blueberries anytime! I could be your guard if you want... though you might be missing a few blueberries during my watch!

  7. Excellent image, Nicki! I have a similar situation with our cherries. :)

  8. I just yeaterday was talking with a coworker about it being blueberry season and I needed to get some fresh ones. Love the angle and shadows on this.