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Friday, June 8, 2012

and then there's this . . .


 Getting my hair cut this week, my 20-something stylist said "so, we're giving up on color, right?" 
To which I responded "yepup!" 
 "until my kids are grown, moved out, and self-supportive, it seems like a waste of money."

 Older hair stylist beside us: "I hear ya on that one sista!" 
(okay, she didn't say 'sista' - but it was implied.)

FYI - this is not my hair - it is a wig for my 19 year old daughter's 'cosplay' outfit.
One of those conventions where they dress like a video game character -
walk around,
buy video game "stuff",
take pictures of each other, and 
live long and prosper.
(I've heard they have a great time doing all of this)

Lord, help me!


  1. I had to laugh at this... I used to have my hair frosted, until I reached the teenager years with my kids and the stress started "frosting" my hair naturally. They did a much better job than any stylist could ever do. And the upside is that it doesn't have to be reapplied every 6 weeks! The downside is that now there is more silver than brown. Oh well....vanity is for the young!

  2. Hummm, I was just thinking last night that if I could just get more grey I might achieve that look that JoAnn from TN has - beautiful! But alas, just lots of brown with grey thread popping out all over the place.

    Love the photo - the hexagons are great!

  3. LOL
    The only thing I ever did to my hair was henna it once .... Irish Setter Red!!!!! Holy Pooch! My husband did not like it .... :-)
    Love your post!

  4. (Sigh) Another smart woman! I am a slave to hair color! I have super-fine hair and coloring gives it some body. And vanity. Of course vanity! One of these days . . .

  5. Just colored my hair last night. Heading to my stylist today and she charges way too much so I do it at home to save a few $$. WTG giving it up, wish I could.

    Neat convention your daughter is going to.. Sounds like fun and a great photo op for you :)


  6. Finally gave up the color over 10 years ago...feels so much better now.

  7. Ihear you on the no dyeing of the hair.
    I finally deceided that I was just going to let my hair go natural.
    For being 50 some I am surprised that there isn't more silver lol in my hair.
    Yaaaay for going au natural. :-)