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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday . . .

This has been another whirlwind week, every day busier than the one before.  At least it was better than last week, I did manage to pull out the camera - in fact, I had it out a lot photographing food for a local restaurant. Desserts no less.  And while I'd love nothing better than to post sugary concoctions that could put you into a diabetic frenzy just looking at them, I probably should go ahead and post what I came up with for this week's word prompts: 

** travel ** 


I almost always take my camera when traveling, but I think this was from my cell-phone, and from a moving car no less. I suspect I am not the only car photographer, and look forward to taking a trip one day where we actually stop so I can photograph barns while standing still.
(and yea, pretty rainy trip home that day)

 ** silly ** 

I have an odd collection of silly pottery.
Faces, raccoons, lion, mouse.
Weird, perhaps.
Silly, for sure. 

** black and white ** 

 wind chimes from my Mom.
the only hummingbirds I've seen so far this summer. 

 ** spots ** 

I went outside intent on photographing a bee, unfortunately it had other plans,
so I turned around to come back in and viola - spots. 

** paper ** 


 probably my daughter's, not exactly sure what it is supposed to be - a crane, a flamingo ?? who knows.  All I know is it has been in the bottom of a basket of miscellaneous school gadgets for years now.

okay, okay!
I could hardly mention sweets and not share at least one.


 Hope everyone has a sweet Sunday. 
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  1. These are all great, the paper crane is amazing and silly is perfect!

  2. Beautiful series = I love the barn shot especially!

  3. Your first shot of that lovely landscape is my favorite, but I really like them all!

  4. Great shots! I'm a car photographer as well, but the hubs is getting good at stopping now. Love the spots..have a fabulous week.

  5. Your travel and spots shots are my favorites. How lucky of you to find a lady bug. :)

  6. That travel shot is lovely and I think the dark clouds add so much to the shot. Yup I take pictures in the car too, but I am usually driving myself, with my camera on the seat beside me. Your ladybug is so lovely.

  7. Love that pottery piece, I'd have that one too!

  8. A great set, Nicki! You did so well with the desserts!

  9. You do have a great collection of pottery..and those sweets look, well, sweet!! Love your spot shot too, I keep looking for ladybugs and I haven't spotted (a little play on words) yet.

  10. Great hunt this week. Spots are my favorite just because I think it is so neat how things like that just happen. Hope things slow down a bit and you can catch your breath.

  11. Great collection. The clouds in your "travel" shot are amazing.

  12. Wonderful set today...especially the one that made me gain ten pounds of imaginary weight. I love the barn pic though and, yes, you are not the only one to shoot barns out of windows. But yours turned out a lot better than mine.

  13. Great set.
    Travel - Well that is a fabulous shot from a moving car. Well done.
    Spots - What a great capture and such wonderful detail.
    Paper - I tried to find my Oragami Bird but alas I had to go a different route.
    Shame for showing such decadent looking desserts.

  14. I'm a van photographer and got to enJOY 2 trips within the last weekend taking shots, but I sure didn't use a phone to take my traveling shots. Yours is fantastic! Really like your silly pottery too.

  15. I love your ladybug shot (great composition!!) and your Silly one! :)

  16. Your travel photo is flawless! And from a moving car? Wow. I also love your spots photo too!

  17. Loved each and every shot ;D

  18. Look at that sky in travel - so dramatic.

  19. Wonderful lady bug shot....what a find!!