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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

picture if you will . . .

when you are not a golf savant
you interpret the interaction between golfer and caddy in a slightly different way. 

Carl Pettersson
(according to my husband, 'a man with a physique after his own heart!')

 Mr. Petterson:  "Nope, I'm not moving until you take that last comment back."

Caddy:  "Okay, I'm sorry!"  "You look nothing like Norm from Cheers."

Dustin Johnson 
(described as being more about the athletics and perhaps less about the art of golf)

Caddy:  "Do you want me to clean it off or not?"

Mr. Johnson: "well, I'm just not sure if this is even my ball.  There's another one right there, closer to the hole.  Could be mine!"

Tom Watson 
(a lot of years under his belt) 

Mr. Watson: I'm pretty damn proud of that stroke.

Official: "booyah!"

and my husband thought I might get bored.


  1. the "booyah" caption at the end.

  2. Aren't the pro tournaments fun? Rick was an avid golfer, and I learned to love the sport (although not play it) as well. We went to a TPC tournament watching all the big names, and I loved every second of it. Your captions are perfect--especially the "booyah" moment!

  3. My husband turns on the golf channel and immediately falls asleep...until I try to turn the tv to something else. "Hey, I was watching that!" he says. He's a multi-tasker. He can snore and watch golf at the same time. These are great pics you took and I laughed out loud at the captions.

  4. You are too funny!!!

    We do the same sort of commentary at baseball games when the catcher goes out to the pitching mound. I'm pretty sure most of their meetings are about where they are going to dinner following the game.

  5. Cute commentary! We watch golf on t.v. most weekends - at least have it on as we are running in and out with yard chores and such, but the few times I played would inspire pee your pants from laughing so hard kind of commentary, so I'll save the laundry and stick to watching.

  6. You are too funny!!! Love your comments!!