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Monday, September 3, 2012


if you've ever had kids, then you know the perils of venturing into a ChuckEcheese or similar establishment. A business created specifically for small humans, who upon entering dart about like the ship is about to go down.   Apparently walking is strictly prohibited.  A place where there is no such thing as 'in-door' voices.  It is all high pitched at all times.  Screams, Tears, and Fits of Laughter. Games dinging with a steady onslaught of bells and sirens. Finished with cheap pizza and too much soda. All so your child can spend 10 times the cost for a piece of 'junk'.  A toy they never had any interest in, but can now not leave without.

But the sophisticated folks in Natick, MA have taken a different approach to this hair-pulling rite of passage by teaming ChuckEcheese with Feng-Shui. 
Peace and Tranquility. 
 At ChuckEcheese no less.  



  1. Muy chula la foto. Un beso desde Murcia.

  2. Love your take on this photo. Ahh the days of Chuckie Cheese. yea, don't miss those hahah

  3. Yep....I remember those days of Chuckie Cheese...and I don't miss them either. Ah...Natick, MA...home of my first auto accident as a teenager ;)

  4. Ha! I sure would like to see Chuckie Cheese designed with Feng Shui principles. How WOULD they place those noisy games?????

  5. Your description of Chuckie Cheese was so right-on...gave me a Monday morning giggle!!

  6. Made me laugh. I have a funny Chuckie Cheese story that happened while we were living in Chile. Maybe I will blog about it one of these days. I only took the kids once. That was one too many times for me. But no doubt I would like it better if they Feng Shui(ed) the place.

  7. Oh I remember how loud those places were. While my boys were growing up the closest one was 2+ hours away so we didn't visit often.

  8. funny...almost oxymoron-ish!!! I'm soooo glad my CEC days are over! I think the smell of their pizza has permanent residence in my nostrils!