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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Savenger Hunt Sunday ...

Labor Day Weekend Edition . . . 

- candid - 
 just a man trying to make a buck! 

- toys - 
 party at the food bowl. 
be there, or be square! 

- any of the 5 senses - 

Nutella filled birthday cake. 
Chocolate smell.
Chocolate taste.
chocolate happy dance. such a sight!
chips ahoy! 

 - battery -

as in 'why do I ever leave home without it?'  battery operated fan. 
I sweat. 
a lot! 

- half - 

lame, I know! 
it was this or 'glass "half" full', 
and that took too much effort. 

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  1. Great shots, Nicki - love Candid!

  2. Wow, that is a cake! Half is great - last week for rule of thirds I used a 1/3 cup!

  3. Wow!!!! Yep, that about says it all :)

  4. Great photos, thank you for the lovely comment you left me. That cake looks sooo yummy!!!!

  5. That is some cake...I'll be over soon for a piece. Love the candid shot of the musician and your party time at the food bowl made me smile!!

  6. Very cool candid shot and you got me giggling with the toys shot. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Great batch this week! I love that candid photo and I want a piece of that darn cake.

  8. Nutella cake!! Yum....and great photo.

  9. Your candid shot is awesome, and that cake looks amazing!

  10. Great set! Love candid and batteries! I need one of those! :)

  11. Toys just cracked me up!
    Your whole set is wonderful.

  12. Fave pics are CANDID shot... and BATTERY... I could have used one of these fans when I was in the Amazon (Peru) this past July.

  13. That cake is calling my name! Looks so delicious!

  14. Candid is great! And that cake looks good!

  15. Love the 1/2 cup shot, and no, it is not stupid. Please don't tell my son you can put a nutella filling in a cake - I will forever be doing that if he knows, cuz he's a nutella nut!

  16. Wonderful set.
    Half - Hey it works and I rather like it.
    Five Senses - Oh that does look yummy.
    My absolute favorite from your set,
    Candid - What an awesome shot.

  17. LOVE that fellow playing his sax... you've captured him perfectly!

  18. Great choices of shots Nicki! I especially love that sax player!

  19. Oh my, that nutella cake looks so yummy! Now you'll have me googling for the recipe. :)

    Love that Candid shot, too.