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Sunday, September 30, 2012

scavenger hunt Sunday ...


This week has been ALL about Homecoming for the local kids. The weather has been absolutely wonderful - not counting those two days of rain. And spirits have been running pretty high, what with the football team being ranked #1 of the largest schools in the state (about time!).    
(bear with me as I stretch a little here and there). 


pre-homecoming photos 
-- yes, even with a boy I always take some pictures bright and early in the day because I know that when it comes time to REALLY get ready, squeezing in some pictures is normally random, crazy, and often, forbidden. 

** BRIGHT ** 
mega-watt dress and smile. 
I had the privilege to photograph this young lady last Fall and would love another opportunity now that her identical twin sister has been reconnected with her. 

the beautiful and lovely young lady who accompanied my son to the dance detailed her nails to match his paisley tie. how cool is that? 

each year before Homecoming and Prom there is a mass gathering of students and family and friends at the local in-town park for pictures. Connecting up with others to snap pictures is half the fun. Watching is amusing. 

 ** YELLOW **
* or in this case - no yellow! 
how can there be no yellow balloons in the sea of colors? 

so there you have it  ... scavenger hunt, Homecoming Edition.

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  1. Love the fingernails! Cool idea to match the tie.

  2. love the Homecoming pics... distant memories for me. How cool that people gather at the park to take pics...

  3. I agree with Stephanie, the fingernails are pretty cool.

  4. Love the detail in those nails. Impressive.

  5. Great job connecting those photos with the prompts! I am so impressed with the paisley on the nails. Wow!

  6. Okay, the nails are totally cool. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sparkly shirt. :)

  7. What a fun time! I'm joining the comments above... I LOVE THE NAILS!! Handsome guy with the paisley tie, too!!

  8. Fun set! I love the theme for the scavenger hunt!

  9. What a fun set. Love the sparkly dress and nails. I sure don't have the patience to paint my nails like that!

  10. wow - looks like such a busy weekend for you!

  11. Wonderful themed set for the prompts. I never went to Prom so I have no idea what it's like. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves so much. I really liked the Yellow (or lack of) photo and the Teeny Tiny shot of those great decorated nails. Also that Bright shot was really nice.
    Thank you very much for visiting my Granddaughter, Coleen's blog. She was thrilled.

  12. Congrats on the football team that is awesome. HS football is so much fun, It sure does bring back some memories. I love that nail design so cool that it matches his tie.

  13. Your son is so handsome!! And how cute that his date matched her nails with his tie!!

  14. What a fun scavenger hunt! I love that everyone gathers at the park before the dance, great idea :)

  15. Great shots. Love the chic! Colors are amazing:)