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Friday, September 28, 2012

second fiddle ...

this weekend is the high school's homecoming and so far my photography duties have been as 'back-up', second string to our budding photographer son.   Assistant.

even still I managed to get a couple in between his takes. 


I was informed last evening that I (can) assist tomorrow for a few 'park before the dance' shots; however, I've been relegated to holding the reflector and flash.   No camera for moi!

 It's all good.  Regardless of what capacity, I see it as all adding to my journey in photography and experience is experience.

 (at least I get to be "photographer" on The Boy's pre-dance pictures.)


  1. Gorgeous shots! Love them! And that's fun that you get play assistant for your son.

  2. How fantastic that your son is a photographer. And your shots are beautiful!

  3. I'm impressed that your son even allows you around! :) My kids aren't nearly as accomodating. Gorgeous shots!

  4. Love the composition and the leading line of the handrail in the first one. Excellent on the 2nd one too!

  5. It's neat that he wants you to help out...and photography is fun no matter what part you play. Enjoy.

  6. I love seeing what kids wear to Homecoming these days... What a wonderful thing to have the Boy following in your footsteps, and actually allowing you to help him!

  7. So sweet. I love that your son has an interest in photography!

  8. Glad you managed to get some wonderful shots! And glad to know your son loves photography as much as you!