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Friday, October 19, 2012

chick chick chick ..

Every trip back home includes visiting with (actually staying with) one of the dearest people I know, Mary Lou.  She started working for my parents when I was around 4 and quickly became another member of the family. I was admiring the free-range chickens roaming her yard when she said "wanta see something funny?" and in a breath she took a slice of bread out on the back porch and yelled "here chick, chick, chick".  The chicks, roosters, hens, and even a Canadian Goose came 'a running' from every direction. There was no stopping to see if there was any traffic, no slowing down because of the fence, and forget it if another tripped along the way.  These chicks were on a mission to get some of the good stuff. 

some were so pretty ... 

others were just run of the mill. 

 All were entertaining.


  1. Those are so cute Nicki... I love your blog. It makes me feel like I can start my day... :)

  2. Love the chicken pictures and your story.

  3. I love that last one of them running...too cute. Glad you are enjoying your visit.

  4. Beautiful chickens!! Would love to have some in my backyard!!

  5. ...and NOT just to eat.... :-)